Moving from the Old School?


These are some troubleshooting tips for helping you move from the old 'Ning-based' School to the new School here!

You need to create a new password for the new School, the sooner the better. It will only take a minute or so.

After you read this short article:
You can click here to get started!

1. Please add to your safe senders list in your email application.
This is especially important if you have a Hotmail account ( instructions are here).

2. Simply enter your email address,  press the 'reset password' button.
Please note:

  • you must enter the same email address as you use on the old School site (It's the same one this email was sent to and probably your Paypal email).
  • you can change your login email in the future if you want to, but for now, stick to the same email address you use to log into the old Ning-based school site, as that is what we have on record and the one with your workshops already loaded.

3. You will then get an email to set the new password.
Please note:

  • Look for the Subject line starting with "Password Reset ..."
  • Make sure you check your spam, trash and paypal email
  • If you have a Hotmail account; please add to your approved senders list

4. Click the link in the email.
we had an invisible link situation for some people that lasted for a few hours and it was resolved - so please try setting the pasword again.

5.  Set your own password.

  • It can be whatever you like.
  • Write it down somewhere safe.

If you tried earlier and things didn't work, please try again as we think we resolved an issue that was causing a hitch for some users!

If things don't work and you need assistance, please set up a 'Help Ticket' here ( look to the top right corner on the Help screen). Angus is working away, assisting with any hiccups. The new 'Help Ticket' system is a great way to get to you. Do please keep in mind, he is one dude doing his best and going as fast as he can to help everyone.

We thank you for your patience and looking forward to seeing you enjoy the new site!
Jane and Angus

p.s. In the meantime, you can still access your classes in the old School!



Can't enter your email address?

You must use the same email address as you use on the old 'Ning-based' School site.
That is what we have used to set up your new account here.

Check spelling as you go and make sure there are no capital letters entered at the beginning (ipads do that sometimes!).

(If you need to check what email address to use, look to see the address that your 'Welcome to the School' email was sent.
or look at the log-in email on the old Ning-based School : )

Not receiving your reset password email?

1. Make sure you check your spam AND Junk folder of the email address you used above. Sometimes that is your Paypal email  - so make sure to check that account.

2. Look for the email subject line is: "Password Reset for Jane Davenport"

3. Please save to your safe senders list

if these options don't work, please use the Help Ticket system on the top right of this page for further assistance,

4. Do you have a Hotmail account? make sure you add us to the 'safe senders ' list so we can get through your spam filter (instructions are here).

Thank you for your patience.


Jane Davenport Support Team (aka: Angus!)

Still need help? Create a Help Ticket Create a Help Ticket