Video Help


You need a high speed internet connection to allow the videos to stream properly.
The videos Jane makes are too large for you to download to your computer easily,
and Jane likes to update the videos, so we don't offer them as downloads.

If the video is not loading, not playing smoothly or has disappeared...please don't panic:

Trouble Shooting:

1. Refresh your browser!

If you're still having difficulty watching the videos try these tips:

  1. Videos require and up-to-date Adobe Flash player.  Get yours here:
  2. Try a different browser.  Our videos have been verified working with:
  • Firefox (Windows and Mac)
  • Internet Explorer (Windows)
  • Google Chrome (Windows, Mac and Android tablet)
  • Safari (Mac, iPad and iPhone)

No Volume?

  • make sure your mute button isn't selected on your computer.
  • Make sure your speakers are on.
  • Turn up the volume on the video ( look below at the screen shot of the video player and look for the 'volume slider')

Video stopping and Starting?If you have a slow internet service, the videos will be slow to stream and may stop and start.

  • click on the HD symbol on the video to turn High Definition off.
  • The videos are high quality. The trade-off is that they are large files and need time to stream for smooth play on your screen. Let the video stream at least halfway before you hit play, even better is to let it stream all the way before you hit play ( please refer to diagram below).
  • If you are having trouble with videos stopping and starting, it is most likely your internet speed is letting you down. Internet speed fluctuates with the amount of users in your area using the service. Sorry, but there is absolutely nothing I can do about your slow internet connection. I can sympathise, but I can't assist you with this one. Your internet provider probably can help, so give them a call and get them on the case!
  • If you are accessing the site via wifi, where you are located in terms of the broadcast signal will have a dramatic effect on the internet speed. You may need to find a sweet spot in your house/caravan/boat/spaceship to stream the videos.

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