The Free Workshop - How do I join?

You can find info on the free Jane DAvenport Mixed Media  workshop here: free workshop info
The Workshop is intended as as celebration for Jane's new line of art supplies.

Join the Workshop by adding it to your cart and 'checking out' ( don't worry, you will be not be  required to enter any payment details or be charged a thing!) 

After Checkout you will see a page with this pink rectangle and link:

Click the link to go to your new Profile (or existing account if you are an existing member). If you missed the link, you can still access your profile - (see  ACCESS YOUR PROFILE below).

On your Profile page, look for the Workshops box below . In here you can see all the workshops you have access to. Simply click on the workshop you want to visit  or purchase and voila - you are there!



Anytime you come back to the site, look for  the Sign In / Profile Icon ( looks like a tiny person). Log in with your username and password if required. That will take you to your Profile page.

If you want' to join any other classes in future make sure to do it while you are logged in. That way you will have all your workshops appear in the one place.

Inside the Classroom , look in the right sidebar for your lesson links. Jane will be adding them as she finishes classes. and advising the additions in the Facebook Group ( Facebook address is in the classroom).

we all hope you enjoy your time with us!,

The Jane D Team

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